Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We would like to emphasise that our organisation operates as a service provider rather than a product seller. Consequently, once our services have been rendered or are in the process of being delivered, we cannot accommodate any cancellations. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Regarding refunds, please note the following guidelines:

  1. Nomination and Invitation Clearance: To participate in our award ceremony, all outstanding dues (both past and present) must be settled. Only then can we proceed with the nomination and invitation process.
  2. Event Flexibility: Yellow Achievers Awards reserves the right to make necessary adjustments to the Award Ceremony. This may include postponing the event, changing the venue, or substituting the scheduled celebrity. Such decisions may arise due to factors beyond our control, such as venue availability, celebrity schedules, or compliance with government regulations (including COVID-19 guidelines).
  3. Refund Eligibility: If the event is cancelled for any reason, refund requests will be considered. However, refunds will only be entertained after ninety days from the event date. No refunds will be issued under any other circumstances.
  4. Formal Refund Process: Should the event be cancelled, you must submit a written refund request following the prescribed format. Our team will process the refund within a maximum of ninety days. Please note that no interest will be payable on the refunded amount.

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